About Us

Mission Statement

"Hannah's Homemade exists to create high-quality, delicious nut and granola butters that better both the community and the environment."

Our Story

Hannah's Homemade began with a dream to open a bakery and a side hobby for making nut butters. The founder, Hannah Deal, wanted nothing more than to make wedding cakes for a living in her hometown of Charlottesville following her graduation from James Madison University. Things changed two semesters prior to graduation in 2017, when she began experiencing health difficulties and was eventually diagnosed with chronic illnesses. As she cut out common food allergens and switched to primarily organic foods to better her health, she realized how difficult it was to find foods in stores that she could eat. Hannah spent her last year of school creating a business plan, and what began as a simple hobby quickly grew into a passion for creating a healthy, tasty, and organic snack that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Our Ingredients

Learn about the awesome organizations that support our mission of delivering high-quality products to customers.

Nuts and Seeds, Chocolate & Coconut - Tierra Farm
Rolled Oats - Golden Prairie
Maple Syrup - Vermont Maple Direct
Cacao Powder - Viva Naturals
Coconut Oil - Kirkland Signature
Sea Salt - Celtic Sea Salt®
Ground Cinnamon - Frontier® CO-OP
Pecans - Green Valley Pecan Company

Our Mission

The Community

     Did you know that approximately 1 in 5 Americans live with autoimmune disease(s)? According to the AARDA, "an autoimmune disease develops when a person's immune system mistakenly identifies healthy cells as foreign cells and attacks them." There are over 100 known autoimmune diseases, but there is very little awareness surrounding the nature of these conditions.

     The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, or AARDA for short, is "the only national nonprofit health agency dedicated to bringing a comprehensive focus to autoimmunity." This organization works to limit the physical and emotional, as well as the socioeconomic, impact on those with autoimmune diseases through public awareness, research and patient services.

     A percentage of profits from Hannah's Homemade are used to support the AARDA, an organization whose mission resonates personally with the founder. Hannah's Homemade would like to raise awareness of autoimmunity with products that benefit customers and the community and encourages consumers to join in the fight against autoimmunity. Individual donations to the AARDA can be made here.

The Environment

     All materials used in the manufacturing and selling process are compostable, recyclable or biodegradable. From the kitchen gloves to tasting spoons to shipping materials, Hannah's Homemade believes in sustainable practices that minimize its impact on the environment. Extra care is also taken to recycle packaging from purchased ingredients.

     Hannah's Homemade has partnered with PURE Labels for its 100% compostable labels, made by Elevate Packaging. We know that each sustainable packaging choice we make matters!